Monday, September 5, 2011

Checking in & Improvements

Hey gang,

I know it's not even been 24 hours since the last post, but I wanted to check in to tell you that it may be some time before I post again.  I'm making my way through a massive book for the blog here and it may take some time to get through it.  If you're curious as to what it is, hit me with a comment or something and I'll let you know.  I know that if I was making my way through a blog such as this, I might want to just be surprised by checking in and seeing a new work had been reviewed, not knowing previously what it was going to be.  But, anyway...  If you're the impatient type or don't care about the surprise factor, hit me up and I'll let you know...

Also, I've tagged the entries more extensively for your browsing pleasure.  You'll now be able to scroll down the right side of the page and find out which genre the work reviewed was labelled in the "500 Essential Graphic Novels" book and also find the books that I gave the highest of ratings (5 stars) to with greater ease.

Stick with me, guys...  I'll come upon some big works while doing this thing, but I'm excited about it and I'll get back here with more reviews as frequently as I can. 

I hope all of you taking the time to read have enjoyed it thus far.  I know I've enjoyed seeing some of the different things all of sequential art has to offer and having an excuse just to sit and read comics all day.

I hope this finds you all well and PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!!!


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